Jenshau LLC

Manufacturer of Mobile Shelters & Shipping Container Modifications

If It Says Jenshau, It Says Quality!

Turn-Key Container Modifications:

  • Communications Equipment Shelters
  • Navigational Aids Shelters
  • Shipboard/Pier Side Data Centers
  • Oil Rig and Tool Storage Shelters
  • Rugged/Military/Domestic Housing Shelters
  • Emergency Relief Housing
  • Training/Class Room
  • Military Combat Mockup Facilities
  • Multiple Container Units

On Demand Crisis Staging and Secure Storage:

  • Inland Location
  • 1/2 Mile from Major Interstate (I-95)
  • Central Southeast Coast Location
  • Heavy Equipment Handling Machines

Repair Services:

  • Major Structural Repairs, Trailers, Chassis, Refrigeration Containers