Jenshau LLC

Manufacturer of Modular Tiny Homes & Shipping Container Buildings

Conserve Space With Modular Homes in South Carolina

Imagine your ideal home. What does it look like? Do you picture a home that’s compact, yet comfortable? If so, Jenshau LLC (SC Modular Home License Number 2306) is your go-to provider of tiny homes. As a specialist of modular homes in South Carolina, we know exactly what you need in a home—especially if you want to follow the rising downsizing trend.

Discover the Benefits of Tiny, Modular Homes

A mini modular home is a single-family dwelling that measures 450 square feet. This small, livable space allows you to use every inch of space to its fullest potential. Your modular home has a spacious bedroom that you can easily fit a queen-sized bed into. You’ll have enough extra space to walk around in and comfortably change your sheets.

The home also includes a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. The bathroom has a 48-inch-wide shower and elongated toilet, and it comes with enough additional space for a full-sized washer and dryer. When you visit your kitchen, you’ll have enough counter space to use for cooking, and you’ll even have a full-sized fridge, built-in microwave, and small four-burner range.

Want to relax in your living area? The space is large enough to fit a full-sized couch and a few other extras.

In addition to its space-efficient size, your modular home is also energy efficient with its 1.5-ton heat and air system. It is prewired for satellite and 200-AMP electrical service to provide you the best in compact living.

Rely on Jenshau

We’re a container modification facility that specializes in creating modular homes. We use durable shipping containers and repurpose them into tiny homes that allow homeowners to venture into compact living.

For more information on our floor plans or to purchase your tiny home in South Carolina, call us today at 843.538.1400.